Board of Directors’ Profile

Non-Independent Executive Director
Age: 70, British citizen with Malaysian Permanent Resident Status
Gender: Male
Date of Appointment: 15 August 2006
Length of Service: 14 years
Academic / Professional Qualifications:
• Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Dundee University, Scotland, United Kingdom
• Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom
• Fellow of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, where he served on committees including being the Chairman of the Tunnelling and Underground Space Technical Division

Past Experiences:
Mr. Keith George Cowling’s experiences include service with the City of Dundee District Council (1972-1976) in Dundee, Scotland, Mason Pittendrigh & Partners (1976-1977) in Edinburgh, Scotland, Auscon Consultants (1979) and Petroleum Development Oman (1980-1981), in the Sultanate of Oman and Maunsell Consultants Asia (1980-1984) in Hong Kong.

Mr. Keith George Cowling joined MTD Group since 1984 serving in various capacities; from Engineer to Chief Engineer, General Manager, Head of Business Development, Executive Vice President, Head, Business Development & Manufacturing Division, Executive Vice President, Head, Manufacturing Division and his current position as Adviser, Business Development.

Listed Issuer:
• MTD ACPI Engineering Berhad
Public Companies:
• None

Membership of Board Committee:
• Member of the Management Committee

Attendance at Board Meeting for financial year ended 31 March 2020:
Attended 7 of 9 meetings

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